Teraflex 4.0″ Coil Spring Kit

This kit will allow you to run up to a 37Ó tire (aftermarket wheels with 4.5Ó backspacing or less are required).


SKU: TER1151400

Product Description

The TeraFlex JK 4Ó Suspension Lift Kit delivers everything that you need to conquer the most extreme trails and conditions. Drivability and performance are the most important factors that are engineered and built into every TeraFlex lift kit. Properly developed suspension geometry, roll center, and load tuning ensure that all factory stability controls remain functional and within the parameters that Jeep originally engineered into the vehicle. TeraFlex kits drive straight and will crawl anything, getting you there and back! This system includes 4Ó lift coil springs, front adjustable trackbar, front swaybar disconnects, rear swaybar links, rear trackbar bracket, bumpstops, exhaust spacers, cam bolts and all necessary hardware.

Exhaust spacers and cam bolts are included in this kit.